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Have you ever wondered how to optimise the health and performance of your beloved horse companion? Enter the world of horse solariums!

These innovative devices use infrared light and UV lamps to provide warmth and therapeutic benefits, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for your horse.

Read on to uncover the science behind horse solarium, their numerous benefits, and how to choose the perfect one for your equine friend.

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Understanding Horse Solariums

Horse solariums are gaining popularity in the equine industry as they offer a wide array of benefits for our four-legged friends.

These devices emit infrared rays and therapeutic light to improve the well-being of horses, assist in their recovery after exercise, and help dry them off efficiently.

The underlying principle of horse solariums is the utilisation of infrared light and UV lamps, which provide warmth and therapeutic advantages, making them a top-selling infrared therapy solarium in the equine market.

Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light, often perceived as heat.

It helps horses absorb blood sugars more efficiently, promoting overall health. UV lamps, on the other hand, serve to heat the air and offer additional therapeutic benefits, making them an essential component of horse solariums.

Only the highest quality infrared and UV lamps are chosen, following a rigorous testing process, to ensure the best results for your horse’s muscles.

Infrared Light and UV Lamps

Infrared light and UV lamps play a crucial role in the effectiveness of horse solariums.

The heat produced by these components warms up the air, creating a comfortable environment for your horse.

This warmth not only helps relax your horse, but also enhances the therapeutic benefits derived from the solarium.

These lamps are carefully selected after a thorough testing process, ensuring that only the highest quality components are used in horse solariums.

This attention to detail guarantees that your horse receives the best possible treatment, with optimal results for their muscles.

Types of Horse Solariums

There are various types of horse solariums available, each offering unique features designed to cater to the specific needs of your horse.

Some solariums focus on air circulation and ventilation, while others incorporate chromotherapy to enhance the therapeutic experience.

This circulation system prevents excessive heat build-up, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for your horse.

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Benefits of Horse Solariums

Horse solariums provide numerous advantages that promote the overall health and well-being of your horse.

They enhance blood circulation, relax muscles, aid in post-exercise recovery, and improve skin and coat health.

Infrared light therapy, utilised in horse solariums, is known to increase blood flow to targeted areas of the body, aiding the natural healing process.

This improvement in circulation can assist in alleviating sore or stiff muscles, warming up muscles prior to physical activity, rapidly drying horses, and providing warmth and additional light during clipping.

UV rays are another key component of horse solariums, as they help in the natural production of vitamin D.

They have been shown to improve bone and muscle formation, strength, red blood cell count, and normal growth.

Additionally, they promote wound healing, disinfect bacteria and viruses, and boost the immune system, making horse solariums an invaluable addition to any equine care routine.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Improved blood circulation is vital to the overall health and well-being of your horse.

Horse solariums, through their use of infrared light, have a positive impact on blood circulation.

The increased blood flow delivers essential oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, encouraging healing and reducing inflammation.

This improved circulation has various benefits, such as alleviating sore or stiff muscles, warming up muscles before exercise, and speeding up the drying process after a workout or bath.

It also provides extra warmth and light during grooming activities such as clipping, ensuring a comfortable experience for both you and your horse.

Muscle Relaxation and Recovery

Horse solariums play a crucial role in promoting muscle relaxation and aiding in the recovery process after exercise or injury.

The infrared light therapy used in these solariums increases circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, while reducing inflammation.

This combination of effects helps relax the muscles, providing a soothing experience for your horse.

Regular use of horse solariums can help reduce the risk of injury and improve your horse’s overall performance, whether in the riding arena or out in the field.

By incorporating horse solariums into your equine care routine, you’re investing in the long-term health and well-being of your horse.

Skin and Coat Health

The benefits of horse solariums extend beyond muscle relaxation and recovery, playing a significant role in maintaining the health of your horse’s skin and coat.

The heat and light produced by solariums help maintain the natural oils in a horse’s skin.

This, in turn, promotes a healthy, glossy coat that not only looks great, but also provides a protective barrier against external factors.

Infrared light therapy has also been observed to have potential benefits for skin health, such as stimulating collagen production, promoting cell renewal, reducing inflammation, and accelerating wound healing.

Additionally, it may help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, ensuring that your horse looks and feels its best.

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Therapeutic Uses of Horse Solariums

In addition to the numerous benefits already discussed, horse solariums offer a range of therapeutic uses that can greatly improve the quality of life for your horse.

These include reducing joint and muscle stiffness, accelerating wound healing, and providing chromotherapy (light therapy).

Horse solariums utilise infrared light and UV lamps to increase blood circulation in the underlying muscle, which in turn helps reduce joint and muscle stiffness.

Infrared light can also promote wound healing by improving circulation of oxygen-rich blood and encouraging cell regeneration.

Furthermore, chromotherapy, or light therapy, is a form of therapy that uses various colours of light to support physical and mental well-being, alleviating stress, enhancing mood, and encouraging relaxation.

Joint and Muscle Stiffness Reduction

Horse solariums can help reduce joint and muscle stiffness by increasing blood circulation and decreasing muscle tension.

The infrared light therapy used in solariums promotes relaxation, allowing your horse’s muscles to recover more quickly after exercise or injury.

Another crucial aspect of horse solariums in reducing joint and muscle stiffness is their ability to break down lactic acid, a by-product of exercise that can cause muscle soreness and stiffness.

By incorporating horse solariums into your equine care routine, you can help your horse recover more quickly and prevent stiffness, ensuring they remain comfortable and ready for their next workout or competition.

Accelerating Wound Healing

When it comes to wound healing, horse solariums can be a valuable tool in promoting natural healing and reducing the risk of injury.

The infrared light therapy used in solariums has been shown to reduce swelling, decrease wound area, and decrease the time to total healing in horses.

By improving circulation of oxygen-rich blood and encouraging cell regeneration, infrared light can help your horse heal more quickly from injuries, reducing downtime and getting them back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

Incorporating horse solariums into your equine care regimen can provide an additional layer of support for your horse’s health and well-being.

Chromotherapy (Light Therapy)

Chromotherapy, or light therapy, is a unique feature found in some horse solariums that uses different coloured lights to stimulate and activate various body systems.

This form of therapy has been known to alleviate stress, enhance mood, and encourage relaxation in both humans and animals.

In addition to the multitude of benefits already mentioned, chromotherapy in horse solariums has been demonstrated to reduce joint and muscle stiffness, enhance blood circulation, relax muscles, and promote skin and coat health.

By offering a comprehensive approach to equine wellness, horse solariums with chromotherapy can be a valuable addition to your horse’s care routine.

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Choosing the Right Horse Solarium

Selecting the right horse solarium for your equine friend involves considering various factors, such as the top-selling infrared therapy solariums and understanding the installation and maintenance requirements.

It’s essential to choose a solarium that meets your horse’s specific needs and provides the desired benefits, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

When evaluating your options, be sure to research the available models and their features, including air circulation, ventilation, and chromotherapy.

Additionally, consider the quality of the infrared and UV lamps, as well as the ease of installation and maintenance, to guarantee optimal performance and longevity of your chosen horse solarium.

Top-selling Infrared Therapy Solariums

Some of the top-selling infrared therapy solariums on the market offer a range of features and benefits to cater to the specific needs of your horse.

By researching and comparing these top-selling infrared therapy solariums, you can make an informed decision on the best solarium for your horse’s needs.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and maintenance of your horse solarium are essential to ensure optimal performance and product longevity.

Many solariums come with a standard installation kit, including hanging chain hooks and shackles, as well as comprehensive installation instructions to guarantee proper setup.

Regular maintenance of your horse’s solarium, such as cleaning and replacing infrared bulbs as needed, ensures the solarium continues to provide the desired benefits for your horse.

By investing time and effort into proper installation and maintenance, you can guarantee your horse solarium remains an invaluable part of your equine care routine.


In conclusion, horse solariums are an innovative and valuable addition to any equine care routine.

They offer numerous benefits, such as enhanced blood circulation, muscle relaxation and recovery, and improved skin and coat health.

Therapeutic uses include reducing joint and muscle stiffness, accelerating wound healing, and providing chromotherapy for additional physical and mental well-being.

By researching top-selling infrared therapy solariums and understanding installation and maintenance requirements, you can make an informed decision on the best horse solarium for your equine friend.

Invest in a horse solarium today and witness the remarkable improvement in your horse’s health, performance, and overall well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Solarium do for Horses?

A horse solarium helps to warm up and relax your horse’s muscles before and after exercise, improving their performance and reducing muscle pain.

The warm-up session stimulates increased blood flow, helping to absorb blood sugars faster and eliminate waste products from their system.

A solarium is also useful for drying and loosening the muscles after a wash-down.

How Long Should a Horse be Under a Solarium?

For UV light therapy, a horse should be in the solarium for up to 8 minutes, while infrared therapy requires an hour.

How Much Electric Does a Horse Solarium Use?

A horse solarium typically requires around 4000 Watts of electricity to provide the desired comfort, and this is best achieved with 24 lamps, each at 250 Watts.

Are Solariums Good for Horses?

Solariums are a great way to warm-up and relax your horse’s muscles, helping reduce muscle pain and improve performance.

Additionally, they can be used to stimulate increased blood flow after working out.

What are the Benefits of Chromotherapy in Horse Solariums?

Chromotherapy in horse solariums offers many benefits, including relieving stress and improving mood, thus promoting relaxation and well-being.

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