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Are you looking for horse arena construction in Bebington? Then look no further; here at Horse Menage Construction, we have installed thousands of high-quality horse arenas for satisfied customers.

We are proud to of been recently voted the Top 10 Equestrian Menage Builders in the United Kingdom when up against all the top-rated BHS Riding Centre construction companies.

Equestrian facilities and horse owners will need to hire professional menage builders to construct their horse menage to ensure the safety of their horses and riders. Installing a horse arena without the required skills can result in injury.

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Our team at Horse Menage Construction install only the best horse arenas for every client. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote today!

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Why Choose Us?

With over ten years of experience in the horse arena construction industry, our team at horse menage construction in Merseyside are skilled experts that you can trust.

Our specialist installers in Bebingtonare skilled in all areas of equestrian arena construction, from indoor riding arenas to outdoor arenas, gallops, lunge pens and turnout pens; their work is second to none.

We are also able to install a paddock or sand school for equestrian facilities which require these options.

We can offer high-quality work at affordable prices and aim to work with our clients on a budget to find a cost-effective solution when building menages.

Your finished arena will exceed all expectations; we work to provide a clean, safe, and aesthetic finish for your riding arena.

If you have been searching for horse arena construction near me, get in touch today to receive a free, no-obligation quotation!

What is the Cost of Building a Menage UK?

The average cost of horse arena construction in Bebington is £30,000.

However, there are many factors which may impact the cost of building an outdoor riding arena, such as:

How Much Does A Horse Menage Cost

We can provide you with an accurate quotation after obtaining a few details about your project. So, contact our team of expert advisors to get a price on your riding surface.

What is a Horse Menage?

A horse menage is an arena in which you can ride horses. Menages can be indoor or outdoor facilities and tend to be filled with washed and processed silica sand on top of a geotextile membrane.

Horse arenas are used for training horses, jumping, lunging and more. Many riding schools and personal stables install a riding arena to exercise their horses and ponies.

Our menages feature a rubber base to help support the horses’ knees when running or jumping; we offer a range of fillers, such as silica sand, rubber chippings, high-performance wax and soil.

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Types of Horse Menage Surfacing We Offer

There are many types of menage surfacing, and the materials used can vary depending on usage and budget. We offer the following equestrian surfaces:

Silica Sand Horse Menage Surfacing

Equine silica sand for horse arenas is a popular material that most people consider for their Bebington site.

Silica sand’s sub-angular-shaped grain particles and a low clay and silt content keep the surface compact, ensure it drains well and reduces dust.

We can supply high-grade equestrian sand for your site; the sand can also be mixed with other materials, such as rubber chippings and stabilising fibres.

Sand & Fibre Horse Arena Surface

Another surface option is a mix of sand and fibre, which offers a stable footing for all horsing events. You can select the colour of your fibre to suit the entire area of your site.

There are many benefits to a sand fibre mix; the pre-mixed surfacing prevents your horse from sinking into the sand and overworking its ligaments.

Fibres assist the drainage system, allowing adequate draining from the riding arena. However, they also retain some water which keeps the surface compact.

Types Of Horse Menage Surfacing

Stabilising Fibres Horse Menage Surfacing

Menage stabilising fibre is a great alternative to sand or soil, or you can create a mix of materials to improve the total thickness of the surface.

Stabilising fibres allows optimal drainage while retaining water to keep the original excavation level solid.

The economic organic matter is 100% recycled and can be used in equestrian arenas, gallop tracks, and lunge pens.

Contact our equestrian arena builders near me to learn more about stabilising fibres for your riding arena in Bebington.

Chopped Rubber Horse Arena Surfaces

Chopped rubber chippings can be laid on silica sand to create extra insulation for the sub-base material. The rubber prevents the surface from frosting over in the colder months and retains moisture when the weather is dry.

Rubber chippings can be laid at 25m to 50m depending on the sub-base material, surface condition and personal requirements. Chopped rubber is cost-effective and 99.9% metal-free.

We would not recommend chopped rubber alone; however, it is a great addition to your silica sand arena build.

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Horse Menage Surfaces by Use

Horse ménages can be used for many different equine events. The multi-functional use is what makes the horse menages so popular!

Dressage Arena

Dressage is a common practice for any equestrian students, and we can create the ideal equine arena surface for dressage riders.

Most people use a pre-mixed surface for dressage arenas, as this allows for the perfect depth and layers for the rider.

Contact us today to start your project if you want a team of experts to install a dressage arena at your facility.

Show Jumping Arena

Show jumping is another popular equestrian sport that requires a suitable ground, depth, and sub-base. As the horses are leaping over jumps, the ground needs to be supportive to prevent injury as they land.

The ideal surface for a show jumping arena is rubber combined with silica sand, creating a firm yet bouncy sub-base.

We have installed thousands of show jumping arenas in Bebington across the UK, and our professional work has amassed many positive reviews.

Multipurpose Horse Menage

Horse arenas can be used for all kinds of horse events, including the following:

Our high-quality ménages are perfect for any event, and our expert advisers can reassure you as to which material and geotextile membrane is best for your chosen sport and install a great quality riding arena construction for you.

Horse Menage Benefits

There are many benefits associated with installing a horse menage at your property in Bebington. For example:

Benefits Of A Horse Menage

With experience with all aspects of arena construction, including perforated pipework, drainage, and non woven membrane layers, we can construct your menage to suit your use and venue.

Horse Arena Building Specialists Bebington

As horse arena building specialists, we have installed and maintained many arenas to the best standards. Many of our clients have been found through recommendations, and we always cater to the client’s visions and requirements.

We understand how important your horse and rider’s safety is, so we always adhere to regulations that prevent serious injury.

Our Bebington experts will talk you through the entire process, from selecting the materials to the installation. You will have our support every step until you have a quality arena installed to your satisfaction.

Building a Menage Bebington

Building a menage in Bebington requires careful planning and attention to various factors to ensure the safety and well-being of both horses and riders. Here are the steps to consider:

Making the Formation Level

Constructing a horse menage in Bebington requires careful consideration of its foundation thickness, typically ranging between 350 and 400mm, depending on the chosen surface finish. Building directly on existing topsoil isn’t advisable due to its high organic content, which hampers drainage and necessitates removal.

Instead of disposing of this soil, repurpose it to level the surrounding arena area or fill low spots for grass seeding. It’s essential to avoid unnecessary expenses by minimizing trips to the landfill.

After clearing the topsoil, meticulous levelling is crucial, involving excavation in some areas and filling in others. Once this foundational level is achieved, the actual construction of the horse arena can commence.

Below Ground Drainage

Effective drainage is a vital aspect of a functional riding arena, ensuring year-round usability regardless of weather conditions. Proper drainage prevents weather-related wear and tear.

The widely employed technique, known as the Herringbone Pattern, involves a central main carrier drain, supplemented by lateral drain pipes extending alongside the arena. Additional drains span horizontally, connecting one side of the horse arena to the other.

Regardless of the drainage system chosen, the fundamental principle remains consistent: collecting drains channel water into the carrier. This central drain then feeds into the primary drainage network, mimicking a natural stream or ditch. Perforated or slotted drains are essential, enabling efficient water drainage.

Aggregate Layer

After completing the drainage layer, it’s essential to reinforce and prevent the layers from blending together. This phase, often referred to as the base layer, involves applying a Woven Membrane.

The next step in preparing your horse arena involves incorporating an aggregate that allows slight compaction while permitting water drainage.

Several natural materials, including granite, slate, flint, limestone, and sandstone, are suitable choices. It’s crucial to ensure these materials are devoid of clay, coal, and sand.

Recycled aggregates, such as crushed concrete or brick, can also be utilised, provided they are free from wood or plastic components. It’s not recommended to use bituminous products, as they tend to obstruct water passage over time.

The ideal sub-base material should range from 25 to 75mm without fines. This composition facilitates swift water drainage, preventing fines from clogging the drains.

For a standard 20m x 40m horse arena, a layer thickness of approximately 100mm is recommended. On top of the aggregate layer, a Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane, often known as Fleece Membrane, is necessary. This membrane serves to separate the layers, enabling water to permeate and enhancing the stability of the horse arena.

Top Finish

Several materials are available for the top finish of your horse arena. While silica sand is the most prevalent choice, alternatives like bark or rubber chippings can also be considered.

Our recommendation is to apply a layer of 50 to 100mm of sand in combination with any chosen finishing material. This sand layer serves to safeguard the geotextile membrane underneath.

If shredded carpet, rubber, or insulation materials are used, an additional sand layer may not be necessary. However, the overall thickness should be increased to 200 to 225mm for optimal performance.

Horse Menage Arena Sizes

There are many sizes to consider when considering your horse menage construction.

The most common size for a horse arena is 40 x 20m; however, if you want to build a dressage arena, you may opt for a 20 x 60m.

We can assess your site to advise on adequate measurements for your arena and the events you wish to carry out within the menage.

Horse Arena Fencing Bebington

Fencing is popular in any horse arena as it keeps the enclosure safe and prevents bolts or escapes. If a horse scares within the arena, it will be retained to the site and won’t be able to run into any danger, such as traffic or a field.

Our fencing can be made bespoke to suit your unique job; for arenas used for show jumping, a higher side may be required to prevent the horse from escaping.

A common fencing design is a three-bar post and rail system, as this helps prevent the rider or horse from getting hurt while they are in the arena.

Horse Arena Fencing Benefits

The benefits of horse arena fencing include:

Horse Arena Kickboards

You may want to consider a kickboard for your horse arena, which is wooden panelling that acts as additional reinforcement to the interior walls of your menage.

A kickboard can help improve the safety of yourself and your horse and ensure no serious damage to your arena should your horse kick or get unruly.

Our kickboards can be manufactured to suit the aesthetics of your interior, so get in touch with us to discuss your designs.

Horse Arena Kickboards Benefits

The benefits of a horse arena kickboard include:

Horse Arena Lighting Near Me

We can offer high-end lighting for your arena that meets the minimum requirements of CIBSE Lighting Guide 4 for equestrian sports.

The recommended average light level is 100lux, with a uniformity of 0.5 for jumping. These light levels prevent shadowing, which could cause a horse to spook.

Poor lighting can distract horses and make it more difficult for them to see, reducing your performance.

Call our expert equestrian arena builders in Bebington today if you are ready to discuss equine arena lighting for your bespoke equine construction.

Horse Arena Lighting Benefits

The benefits of quality lighting in your horse arena include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Manége?

In most cases, planning permission is required for a ménage construction, especially if the site needs more excavation, drainage channels, and sub-base layers.

The drainage channels must be covered under the ground, which may require digging.

To discuss Bebington planning permission for equestrian equine menages, call our team!

Horse Menage FAQs

What is the Best Arena Footing For Horses?

The best footing for horses is angular sand, which we use for our sanded installations.

Rounded sand particles will cause the horse to sink deeper into the material, causing more strain on its ligaments.

A mixture of silica sand and rubber or fibre is advised, as the extra filler helps to create a sturdier foundation with effective drainage channels.

How Deep Should Menage Sand Be?

On average, your equestrian ménage depth should be around 4 to 5 inches, with a drainage bed under crushed concrete, silica sand, and either rubber or fibres.

The most important aspect of your arena is safety, so there is no use cutting corners to try to save money. You should never have an arena with a depth of fewer than 4 inches, as this may not be safe.

Should I Build a Horse Arena Myself?

You may be able to build a horse arena yourself; however, if you do not have the right skills, it is always best to hire a professional.

If you attempt to build your arena on a strict budget, you may risk potential drainage issues, as an incorrect drainage bed may be used.

Drainage can be hard to install correctly, certain tools like a roller and a laser level need to be used, which can be difficult if you haven’t used them before. Other techniques like the Herringbone Pattern need to be mastered as well.

Contact our team of expert installers in Bebington to learn more about the arena drainage system and arena construction.

What is the Installation Process?

The installation process for building menages involves:

Our professionals in Bebington will be able to discuss every stage of the job, so you will fully understand the process.

Never be afraid to get in touch, as we are happy to revise our steps until you are satisfied with the finished product.

Is it Spelt Menage or Manege?

The correct spelling is Manege, but it is often spelt as spelt manège.

Horse Menage Meaning

A horse menage refers to an enclosed area where horses are trained and exercised.

It is typically an outdoor or indoor space with a flat and even surface, often made of sand, dirt, or a similar material, where riders can work with their horses on various exercises and training routines.

In a horse menage, riders can practice riding skills, train horses for specific disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, or reining, and work on various manoeuvres and techniques.

The menage provides a controlled environment for both beginners and experienced riders to work with their horses safely and effectively. It is an essential facility for horse training and equestrian sports.

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements


If you are looking for professional arena construction, you should contact us here at Horse Menage Construction.

Our surface experts can complete the full job, including the drainage, the sub-base, the sand and fillers. We can also provide information on how to maintain your arena and can provide aftercare services.

A quality manège will help keep your riders and horses safe, so it is a worthy investment for anyone serious about the sport and discipline.

If you would like to discuss your project, we can offer a consultation and advice on the range of surfaces available.

Our business offers site visits across the UK to talk through your project, whether it is for a new construction or a refurbishment.

We can offer adorable prices on various designs; get in touch with us today to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.

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