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Horse Menage Construction at Riverside Stables

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Thompson

Project Overview:
Horse Menage Construction was approached by Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, passionate equestrians, to create a state-of-the-art outdoor riding arena on their picturesque property in Surrey.

The couple desired a large, all-weather arena that would cater to their training needs and provide a safe environment for their horses.

Our team meticulously planned and executed the project, taking into account the natural landscape and the clients’ specifications. We conducted a detailed site survey and implemented effective drainage solutions to ensure optimal footing conditions.

The construction included levelling the ground, installing high-quality arena fencing, and surfacing the area with our premium all-weather footing. We also incorporated a separate warm-up area for the horses.

The result was a stunning 60m x 30m outdoor riding arena that seamlessly blended with the surroundings. The Thompsons were thrilled with the quality of the construction, the attention to detail, and the durability of the materials used. They now enjoy a safe and functional space for training their horses, allowing them to pursue their equestrian passion with confidence.

Indoor Arena at Maplewood Equestrian Centre

Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Client: Maplewood Equestrian Centre

Project Overview:
Maplewood Equestrian Centre, a renowned equestrian facility, enlisted the expertise of Horse Menage Construction to construct a covered indoor arena to enhance their training facilities.

The goal was to create a versatile space that could accommodate various equestrian disciplines and withstand heavy use.

Our team worked closely with the management at Maplewood Equestrian Centre to design and build a 40m x 20m indoor arena that met their specific requirements.

We incorporated high-quality lighting systems, ample ventilation, and a dust-free riding surface to ensure optimum conditions for horse and rider. We also added viewing areas for spectators to enjoy the training sessions.

The completed indoor arena at Maplewood Equestrian Centre exceeded expectations. The facility offers an exceptional environment for riders to train in all weather conditions, promoting year-round activity and growth within the equestrian community.

Maplewood Equestrian Centre has since seen an increase in training bookings and has received positive feedback from riders who appreciate the quality of the arena.

Gallop Track Installation at Hillside Stud

Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Client: Hillside Stud

Project Overview:
Hillside Stud, a renowned Thoroughbred breeding and training facility, enlisted Horse Menage Construction to build a premium gallop track to enhance their training program.

The aim was to create a track that simulated racecourse conditions, providing an ideal training ground for their racehorses.

Our team collaborated closely with the team at Hillside Stud to design and construct a 1-mile gallop track that incorporated gentle undulations and a variety of surfaces.

We utilised specialised all-weather footing to replicate the feel of a turf track, ensuring optimum safety and performance for the horses. We also implemented efficient drainage systems to maintain track integrity.

The gallop track at Hillside Stud has proven to be a valuable asset to their training program. The racehorses now have access to a first-class training facility that allows them to develop their speed, stamina, and technique in a controlled environment.

Hillside Stud has experienced improved performance from their horses, attracting attention from owners, trainers, and jockeys seeking top-quality training facilities.

Equestrian Complex Construction at Sunnybrook Farm

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Client: Sunnybrook Farm

Project Overview:
Sunnybrook Farm, a prestigious equestrian property, engaged Horse Menage Construction to design and build a multifunctional equestrian complex that would include a riding arena, stabling, and ancillary facilities. The client desired a modern and aesthetically pleasing facility that would cater to their professional training needs.

Our team worked closely with the owners of Sunnybrook Farm to develop a comprehensive plan for their equestrian complex. We constructed a 60m x 40m outdoor riding arena with premium all-weather footing, ensuring optimal riding conditions year-round.

Additionally, we designed and built high-quality stables and ancillary facilities, including wash bays, tack rooms, and a viewing lounge.

The completion of the equestrian complex at Sunnybrook Farm transformed the property into a top-tier equestrian facility.

The owners were delighted with the seamless integration of the various components and the attention to detail in both functionality and aesthetics.

Sunnybrook Farm now offers a superior training environment, attracting professional riders and trainers seeking a world-class facility for their horses.

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